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It is without a doubt that blogs may either provide the needed information or simply be made to provide deception over the web. Splogs are not hard to identify considering that aside from not making any sense, they carry certain keywords over and over again just for the sake of search engine optimization hits queried through the giant search engines available today.

Blog Identification

Keyword repetition has been the essential secret towards making a site optimized. Among the hard parts of making quality and optimized sites for such requirements is that of combining both keyword use requirements with content. Ideally, the gist content of the entire composition would be up for scrutiny, especially for some who misinterpret such postings as splogs.

Classifying them into authentic compositions rather than spam blogs is hard to explain indeed. Only after reading the entire entry and understanding what the message is really about will they appreciate that such is a certified blog entry and not a spam blog entry or splogs for short.

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