How to Get Hired as a Professional Blogger

Most bloggers adapt the freelance status in blogging.  However, there are those who specifically aim to be hired by companies on a permanent basis as a professional blogger.  This is possible if and when bloggers are able to provide qualifications that hiring managers would consider suitable for their offered positions.

All professional bloggers start as newbies.  Bloggers need to go through the whole experience to really understand and learn what it takes to be an effective blogger.  This is the only way to gain confidence in blogging and attract the attention of companies who are in need of professional bloggers.

Reality check however says that companies usually hire someone within the organization to act as their bloggers.  This is because insiders have the advantage of knowing what the company is all about, what it is offering, and what related products and services are possible.  Teaching someone to feel company values takes time and bloggers can only write from the heart of the company through correct understanding of goals and objectives.

An outsider can be hired to do the job by letting the target company know of his or qualification as a blogger.  Bloggers need to know their expertise and be able to define it and announce it to the public which is visible to the eyes of possible employers.  Companies who hire bloggers have specific expectations that need to be met that is why they are willing to pay.  Blogger-applicants should make sure that they have such expertise to offer or make sure to attain it before applying.

Bloggers need to convince companies that they are the right person for the job.  Nothing can prove this more than a credible online presence.  Companies need to see that a blogger can add value to the company and that will set him above the rest. Bloggers should also be ready to come up with exceptional samples when required by potential employers.

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  1. ali Says:

    I don’t think bloggers paid that much., or do they?

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