Tips on Interacting with a Blog Audience

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A blog stands to gain more success when there is active interaction with the blog audience and this does not happen without any effort from the blogger.  The first step in engaging the audience is providing contents that are not only relevant but also encourages readers to discuss it and comment on it.  Leaving a comment is usually the first clue that an article has its desired effect.  The least that bloggers can do is to answer the comments especially if it poses a question.

Answering a question encourages further engagement with the audience.  There will be commenters who will have views totally different with that of the blogger.  This should not however prevent a respectful interaction as each side presents their view on an issue.

A more comprehensive way of engaging a blog audience is through web conferencing or webinars.  Webinars are commonly used for meetings, lectures, training events, and short presentations since the set-up allows real-time communication among members of a group.  A blogger can use a webinar to promote his business further beyond the regular written blog posts made available to readers.

Webinars can be treated like a conference where a blogger gets to meet his/her audience.  There are specific webinar solution and software available that comes in varying packages and prices.  The main idea is that the blogger gets to present himself , his product or his service in a single event that has several targets.  Using a webinar for the purpose of interacting with a blog audience can be a cost-effective option of assembling an audience that is ready and willing to hear what the blogger has to share.  It would require considerable planning, practice, and training to ensure a successful webinar.

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