What Makes a Professional Blogger

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More than the length of time spent for blogging, attitude separates the professionals from the amateurs.  Professionals are able to absorb the lesson while the amateurs repel it.  The journey in blogging is characterized by mistakes and lessons learned.

What makes a professional blogger?  With the relative ease of becoming a blogger, many are under the impression that it doesn’t take much to be one.  Nothing can be farther from the truth.  It takes as much hard work as any other profession to be categorized as a truly professional blogger.

The words professional blogger are being used without much thought by many as a way to give themselves an air of superiority over bloggers they see as amateurs.  Most would boast of their tremendous traffic and subscribers.  Others would emphasize the number of posts contained in their blogs and how often they post in it.  Still others would point to how readers comment on their posts.  Professional blogging to some is about earning profitably from the practice.  This is simply premised on the idea that a blogger must be professional since he/she is paid for his/her work.

When one thinks of it, all these can be considered in determining the professionalism of a blogger.  Truth to tell however, a blogger’s professionalism cannot be determined purely by statistics and numbers, since bloggers do not graduate from a certain course, pass a specific exam, and require to go through experiential blogging to attain professional status.  This may require more thought for bloggers to attribute professionalism on themselves.

Without clear cut determinants for determining what makes a professional blogger, the best we can do at this time is approximate.  Therefore, a professional blogger will have to have authority in the subject tackled in his/her blog.  A blogger must also have had consistent exposure to the blogging industry by writing, interacting, and socializing.  Lastly, a professional blogger earns because of what he/she blogs about which is a lot different from earning through ads and links placed solely on the blog in exchange for financial consideration.

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