The Value of Leaving Relevant Blog Comments

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A lot of commenters are not aware that they will be affected by leaving poor quality comments on others.  This will specifically affect people who seek to establish a reputable online presence.  Poor comments do not mean comments that oppose the writer’s idea.  Comments that are considered of poor quality are those that are clearly irrelevant to the article or short “hi” or “hello” notes with links to their own site, which are just clear signs of asking for link juice.

Industry experts advise commenting on high ranking sites to possibly improve the ranking of blogs or sites owned by those who made the comments.  However, this is not that simple.  High-ranking sites also choose the sites to which they link to.  If the quality of comments can provide any clue as to the quality of a site, then poor comments will not even stand a chance.

Site owners and blog owners are interested in getting quality comments whether positive or negative.  Comments that genuinely seek to emphasize a point or ask a question can provide site owners with valuable information as to how their readers think about certain topics.  Writers can then produce articles that are more responsive to their readers.  Comments can reveal readership profile which can guide writers in their future articles.

Interacting with readers through commenting and responding to comments is a healthy way of encouraging added traffic and loyal following.  It shows that writers care for what their readers think even if they do not necessarily agree on all points.  Relevant comments encourage recipients to acknowledge the effort and further encourage natural reciprocation.

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