3 Ways to Make More Money From Your Blog


So you’ve been maintaining your website for awhile now, you get a steady stream of views every week, and you want to start making money from it.

Keeping a blog requires more work than many people credit; really, you deserve to make some money for your hard work. Here are some ways that you can bring in more readers, generate money from those page views, and increase the amount of income you make this way, all

from home.

Here’s three ways to start making more money from your blog.

1. Look into partnerships

As we said, maintaining a blog is hard work — you know that. One of the hardest parts is keeping a level of consistency, quality, and excitement in your posts. It’s easy for anyone to get burnt out after awhile.

To remedy this, you might find new life for your blog and bring in a fresh group of readers (and customers) by creating partnerships and running features in collaboration with other writers and websites that cover areas related to what your blog is about.

2. Get relevant advertisements and sponsors

Adding Google ads to your blog is a pretty simple way to put payable ad space on your website, but the return on those ads is usually pretty small.

Instead of opting for that, you should be able to appeal directly to companies that are relevant to your readers and offer that ad space to commercial content that will actually get clicked on. A website about movie news will have better success with an ad for a movie ticket service like Fandango; a fashion blog would be better off running ads for clothing companies.

The ad space on your website is valuable, especially if you have high traffic of a particular type of reader, and it’s time you start making money off that loyal market and providing your readers with commercial inserts that are actually relevant to their interests.

3. Incorporate your blog

When you start making money from a blog, that income gets added to your personal income and taxed at a specific rate, the marginal tax rate.

You may find that by filing to incorporate your blog, that income then gets taxed at a corporal tax rate, however, which might turn out to be less than the marginal rate. That’ll save you money on your taxes and let you keep more of the income your website brings in.

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