When is it Time to Give Up on a Blog?

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Before one thinks of giving up on a blog, it is important for those contemplating in starting a blog if they should even start it.  So to make things quick for everyone, let us be straight to the point.  A person has no business opening a blog if he or she has no information to offer, no time to post at least once a month, and does not care for all types of online social interaction.  Starting a blog with these three limitations from the onset has already doomed the blog for failure.  So why bother?

Presuming that a budding blogger pushes through and starts a blog and possesses none of the limitations above, then he is on his way to the exciting journey of creating and developing a blog which is worthy of success.  One good thing about blogging is that anyone can be part of it.  Succeeding however is an altogether different thing since blogging will eventually prove unforgiving to absence of knowledge, no time, and anti-social behaviour.

In the ordinary course of building a blog, bloggers are optimistic that they will realize success in the soonest possible time.  Some would expect to do that in a matter of months.  Realistically speaking though, blog success rarely comes within a short time.  It could take one to two years before the start of success can even be realized.  This is the very reason why those who are not willing to consistently work on their blog should not even attempt to start.

Blogs are expected to last since they are basically developmental in nature.  This means that they should be designed to progress with the calling of the times instead of remaining stagnant.  Many bloggers give up before reaching the first year and surrender due to frustration and disappointment for failing to achieve their set goals.  It is not yet time to give up if bloggers are still willing to do what needs to be done.  When bloggers say no more to their work, then it probably is time to give up.

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