Beating the Blogger’s Block

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Writer’s block refer’s to a condition wherein a writer loses the ability to produce new work.  Its causes range from the most trivial to the most serious.  Professional and famous writers have not not been immune to this affliction.  In fact, writer’s block has been known to have prevented a number of them from producing follow-ups to certified bestsellers or commercial success.

Bloggers are not immune as well to this setback since blogging requires a lot of writing and with much frequency and currency at that.  The pressure can be such that instead of being able to produce more, bloggers will find themselves giving less.  Writer’s block is not to be blamed for any lack of commitment or skill in writing but rather a real dilemma of seemingly having exhausted the creative juices that make writing possible.

Blogging requires writers to be come up with quality articles at  more or less consistent intervals.  This inevitably puts an unwritten deadline to writers to produce articles.  Under pressure, the task of writing can be very difficult, if not impossible to do.

To enable bloggers to immediately address possible concerns about blogger’s block, there are things that can be done including:

Rest and refresh

Physical and mental exhaustion is very real in blogging especially if done continuously and with very few breaks.   This can be remedied by having the right amount of sleep and rest in between.  Depriving one’s body of needed rest is counterproductive as it is impossible to push the mind and the body beyond its limits, whether or not a blog article is due.

Have a List of Topic Ideas

An orderly flow of blog articles can be possible if the blogger maintains a list of possible topics he can write about as he goes along.  This eliminates the need to cram about producing an article.  The pressure is doubled when even the topic to write about is unclear.  Having a list also provides convenient options when ideas for a scheduled topic seems to be running low.

Read Other Blogs

Reading the blogs of others can provide a fresh perspective of topics which a blogger may have been writing about for some time.  Of course the purpose is not to copy works or even ideas.  Bloggers need to find a way to adopt their readings into a unique content.

Have a Back-up

If worse comes to worst, then some back-up articles can save the day for bloggers battling temporary blogger’s block.

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