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How is professional content determined?  Is it by the words used?  Is it by the idea brought forward? What separates professional-looking content from the amateurish content?

At first glance, it is primarily about the structure, the grammar, the spelling, and all the other technicalities of the language which a writer chooses to use as a medium.  Then of course, it is also about the idea being presented in an article and the manner it is brought forward for the consideration of the reader.  Lastly, it is about over-all cohesion where the whole content just  jells in together to deliver a compact message.

Many newbie writers defend their lack of proper form in the fact that they would just like to write what they want and nothing else.  It is however a show of respect to readers to make sure that a written piece presented in the online environment has value for whatever its worth and to make them as reader-friendly as possible .  Making an article reader-friendly includes ensuring that they will not be so disturbed with the glaring grammatical and spelling errors that they will no longer be able to appreciate the message of an article.

It is incumbent upon a writer to make sure that he or she checks the right way of using a language.  Better yet, writers can choose to write in the language they are most comfortable with.  However, it is a fact that English remains to be the universal language which is understood by more people from different parts of the world.  It is necessary therefore to brush-up on the technicalities of the language so as to provide professional-looking content.

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