Building a Writing Portfolio

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Writers need to build their own portfolio to present themselves in the best light to possible employers or clients.  No matter how much freedom the writers allow themselves with freelance writing, they must never sacrifice professionalism.  Not in their attitude, not in their presentation, and certainly not in their work.

Writer’s Portfolio

A writer’s portfolio or a writing portfolio is a collection of a writer’s best works for the purpose of showing to potential clients, employers, and schools under specific writing programs.  It is intended to showcase a writer’s capability, range, skill, or expertise.  It can help the viewers assess if the writer is the right candidate for the project, job, or program.

It is the most suitable way of presenting a writer’s credentials since a mere list of educational programs or job experiences may not be able to provide a clear evidence of writing style.  To many clients and employers, writing style is a major consideration because it has to jive with the image they seek to project.  Technical proficiency in the chosen language can also be determined through the provided portfolio.

How to Assemble a Writer’s Portfolio

Writers need to write in a wide range of topics, styles, and platforms to build an impressive portfolio.  However, it would be best to write in a language where the writer is comfortable with and has mastery of technicalities.  The same goes with the choice of topics since lack of knowledge can easily show if the writer is not capable enough.

That said, this should not prevent writers from venturing into unknown territory to expand their writing opportunities.  Utmost care however should be taken in tackling new writing grounds. Having a blog is a good way to gain more writing experience.


Published writing through blogging is one of the most important avenues given to writers today. Whereas before one has to pass the often strict standards of traditional publishers of magazines, books, and other printed materiasl, blogging has made possible instantaneous publishing.  This has also made it possible to have instantaneous feedback as well from family, friends, or even online readers who just happen to find the blog.

Writers need to be very careful with the quality of work they produce in their blogs.  Each and every article included in it will comprise a writer’s online portfolio, whether they like it or not. It is important therefore not to relax with the apparent freedom in blog publishing and concentrate on writing quality content at all times.

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