How Low Will You Go for a Writing Job?

Professional writers face a certain dilemma when determining how low they can go when it comes to payment for their writing jobs. It is ideal if they can command the price they think. they’re worth. The problem is the writer’s own perception will not always jive with the prevailing rate in the market and even in the offer he or she receives. For writers who can afford to choose the work they accept, it is very easy to reject jobs that pay much less than they expect. For writers however who rely on their writing jobs to put food on the table, choosing may not be a luxury available to them.


A Writer’s Worth

How does a writer determine his or her own worth in relation to a writing task? The common measuring standards will be based on experience, ability,and sometimes educational background. The more a writer has of these three measures, the higher the chance that a writer will be designated a higher worth.

Writing is a dignified profession which deserves respect. In spite of efforts not to directly relate respect with pay, connecting the two is inevitable. Isn’t that the reason why most companies or hiring individuals will not mind paying higher rates for the services of reputable and popular writers while cringing on reasonable rates asked for by ¬†unknown but equally good writers? Like it or not, the perception and reputation of ¬†the writer is seen as part of the package when employers or companies determine what they think is the right pay.

The Present Scenario

Limiting the discussion to writers who are not yet in the position to command their price, participation in the bidding process is quite common. Looking into sites that publish available online jobs and accept bids in behalf of people and companies that post job tasks, it would be easy to spot how low some writers are willing to go to get the job. Payment of $1 per 200-word article can hardly be considered industry standard and it is not even the lowest. Still, many writers bid on it, get the job, submit, and go on to the next writing job.

Does this mean they consider themselves worth less than those who would not even consider the same job for the same rate? Not necessarily as it may just be an indication of a greater financial need. Professional writers have pride in their work but sometimes not even knowing what they are really worth will not stop them from accepting payment lower than what writers of their capability should be getting. Essentially, the acceptable writing pay is a matter of principle and economics. Each writer decides what is acceptable to him or her.

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